About Reitaku

Graduate School of Language Education (2009-2012)

Graduate Employment

AEON Retail Co., Ltd.
Bank of China
Beijing-Fanuc Mechatronics Co.,Ltd.
FunnyWork, Inc.
・Japan China Trade Industries
The Japan Foundation

Leopalace 21 Corporation
Lintec Corporation
Man to Man Academy Co.,Ltd.
Takeda Pharmaceutical (China) Company Limited
The Hiroike Institute of Education
Unimat Life Corporation

Graduate Employment (Teaching Positions)

・Asahi International School
・Chiba Prefectural Government, Office of Education
・Korean language teachers
・Reitaku University
・Reitaku Junior and Senior High Schools
・Reitaku Mizunami Junior and Senior High Schools

・Japanese School teachers
・Xinjiang Normal University

Go on to higher stage of Education

・Nagoya University
・Tsukuba University
・Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
・Tohoku University
・Reitaku University

Graduate School of Economics and Business Administration (2009-2012)

Graduate Employment

・Alumi-metal Improve Suzuki Corporation
・Actus Management Services, K.K.
・Compasso Tax Corporation
・Delta electronics (JAPAN), INC.
・G-Shank Enterprise Co., Ltd.
・Itochu Logistics Corp.
・Kowa Company. Ltd.
・Miyazawa Accounting Firm
・Mize Japan

・National Tax Agency
・Office Hello Life Corporation
・Shibata Tax Corporation
・Sugimoto Yasuhiro Tax Corporation
・Takara Printing Co., Ltd. ・TAKEYA Co., Ltd.
・Tax accountant corporation
Total Management Brain
・Todoroki Tax Accountant Office

Go on to higher stage of Education

・Reitaku University

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